Cash is all GROWN UP.

I've had the pleasure of taking lots of pictures of Cash since he was just a tiny little guy. He has grown into one handsome little boy! He really had some fun towards the end of the shoot on the train...some of my favorites are in that batch. H & T...you're going to have lots to choose from...I am very excited!


Peace, LOVE, and Diaper CREAM.

I finally finished all pictures of the beautiful blue-eyed Savannah... She is a sweet little stunning one...


tommy TIME.

happy BIRTHDAY to you TOMMY! I loved seeing you and mom and pops. Hope to see you again soon...I think a certain little lady had a lot of fun hanging out with you!


BIG blues.

B really has the most beautiful BIG blues I have ever seen! Nice work Team N . . . much more to come.


1 + 2 = 3

A & K, these are just a FEW of my favorites so far... Little B is going to think you two are the coolest parents ever. Enjoy!


Sweet & Savvy S.

I am almost finished with these pictures of Sweet & Savvy S. She was a trooper...enduring a few outfit changes and locations without her nap! You did such a good job. Your Auntie will be proud of our secret surprise for your momma!


BEST friends.

I recently finished up pictures of these two beautiful twin sisters & BEST friends. They were so stunning that people in the park wanted to stop and take their pictures also! I can't wait to help out with their holiday card in a few months...we have some really FUN ideas . . . Until next time you two. . .!