The very FUNNY Robin Williams has said...

Spring is nature's way of saying "Let's Party!" And I have to say that I completely agree. I feel WEDDING season in the air and I am SO EXCITED for the start of my Spring engagement sessions and the beginning of the wedding circut! CHEERS to all of the HAPPY COUPLES out there! 


Little Miss Claudia.


Little Miss Claudia, THANK YOU for brightening my day. You are an angel and a very special little somethin'! I LOVE LOVE LOVE seeing you grow up...until your 1st birthday!
Love, Linds



I LOVE this part of my job...it's so much fun and such an honor to meet such a wonderful couple & chat about meeting their little guy on the way...and then to finally meet him! He was such a good boy...this was his 1st official photo shoot at just 2 weeks old!
Momma & Poppa, this is just a little teaser...I'll be posting more this weekend! 

Miss D in the CITY.

Spring is here.


A & A Part 1

Miss A & Miss A,
We had so much fun with you 2 and your mommy last week. Thank you for having us over and for smiling for my camera! Your pics are adorable & I can't wait to have Part 2 out in the sunshine! 
Love, L.


W & H

Mr.W & Mr.H, you two little guys are just adorable. I had so much fun taking you all over the city. I'd say Fort Point was the coolest...and the silly string. 



Miss K...Happy 1st birthday to you!
Thank you for being such a good girl and for having a fun time out with the BLOOMING almond trees...I LOVED meeting all 3 of you and hope that you have very WONDERFUL weekends.


Rain, Rain...

Come again ANY DAY!
It's always very special when I get the opportunity to photography 3 generations of Lovely Ladies...and when the Lovely Ladies don't let the elements and the rain put a damper on the day.  What a great session...THANK YOU for having fun in the rain, the mud, the grass...you're going to LOVE your pics! 


The P Fam.

to the P Fam, I had so much FUN meeting you all. To me, this is the very best type of family photo session that we could have had...! Enjoy your sneak peak...and give your little guys some high fives for me. They did a GREAT job! Have a wonderful weekend.