A Different Kind of Portrait.

My friend & new work buddy NICOLE PAULSON & I will be doing an interesting project today that puts each of us on the other side of the camera.  
Step 1 is always an inspiration board(all photos from Pinterest).
The Goal:  A Different Kind of Portrait.
It's time to kick it up a few notches. 
 Looking forward to sharing the outcome.


Beach Day.

Birds sort of freak me out...but they were really pretty at the beach on Valentine's Day.


Wishing You a Happy Heart Day.

I hope that you have all had a wonderful day.
Valentine's Day is always interesting...bottom line...
it's most important to be grateful for those you love in your lives.
Much love, Lindsey.


CABO Countdown.

At the top, that's me about to jump in the pool to practice shooting underwater in Cabo this most recent October.  I get to go again to shoot a wedding...and really soon.
Many brides these days like to "do something fun with their dress" the day after their wedding(let's be honest, no one really cuts it short to wear again) and in Cabo the perfect way to do this is on the beach, then in the water.  
I have all the gear to make this possible...
so I am game if you are:)  


New York City - SoHo.

Traveling to shoot is awesome...
scouting out neighborhoods, getting lost in cities, finding cool walls like this one, I love.  I went out to NYC in the Fall to see my best friend and we snuck in a shoot in SoHo.  
Loved SoHo.
Love New York. 
Love Graffiti Walls. 
Love seeing my best of friends.