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for a special occasion.
This bride-to-be is looking real GOOD.
Let's just say I'm signing up for Bar Method or Boot Camp TODAY.
Make-Up & Hair by PAINTED LADIES.


A Painted Lady.

A more dramatic look by Sophia of Painted Ladies.
I LOVE that we get to work together.
All the time.
Weddings all over California & Mexico.
She is SO GOOD at what she does.
Time to be a Painted Lady.


For Japan With Love

I was just reading my very good friend Jesse's blog, HAUTE MAMA DAILY, and I also wanted to get involved and spread the word



On Valentine's Day I took portrait shots for Josephine Fisher of Josephine Fisher Interior Design.
Her work is incredible(I hope to hire her someday) and I am a huge fan of her use of color in all that she designs.  You can see her beautiful work via her WEBSITE.
Josephine is also one of the 2011 Participating Designers in The San Francisco Decorator Showcase, designing the "Going to the Chapel" space.
The showcase is open April 30 - May 30 - all details HERE.
The very talented Preston Nesbit did Josephine's Hair & Make-Up - check out his WEBSITE.
The photo below is one of my favorites of the very cool updo he did for her - completely fabulous.
Many thanks to Nisreen Gardner who put her marketing skills to work by organizing our fun day and then taking us as guests to the San Francisco Magazine Bridal Luncheon where we had the opportunity to meet many of the
Bay Area Bests
in the Wedding Industry.



your favorite wedding photo.
Included as a gift in all of my wedding packages.



Hey Friends & Clients,

I've been MIA the last couple of days, so I'll be getting back to you via email or phone this week.
I fell and hurt my back(compression fracture, everything ok thank goodness) and had to cancel & reschedule my shoots this weekend & will have to do the same this upcoming week, should be more mobile next weekend.  
In the meantime I'll be watching lots of my Netflix & dvr's of Late Night with Jimmy Fallon.



Kate Spade's "Spin on Spring"

Talk about great inspiration for incorporating color into shoots this SPRING - 
have you seen Kate's latest campaign starring Bryce Dallas Howard? 
It's time to "LIVE COLORFULLY" as she would say.
All images courtesy of Kate Spade.