Miss Valentina.

"A daughter is one of the most beautiful gifts this world has to give."
Laurel Atherton

I love this quote so much and it made me think of the lovely 
Miss Valentina
She is the absolute sweetest little baby gal. We had the BEST shoot(she was such a good little gal!) yesterday and I had to put these photos up as soon as I could! Mama L and Papa L put together her fantastic nursery full of color(love) and of course the CUTEST Serena & Lily products everywhere! Valentina let us put her in the cutest bin and she didn't even make a peep! I loved meeting you all(although L I remember you from back in the day!), you are all adorable and Valentina is pure beauty.


A + M

are getting MARRIED...and SOON! 
I'll be shooting their wedding NEXT WEEKEND and I can't wait!
We had a FUN(with the help of Ranger Roy here) and BEAUTIFUL shoot in MUIR WOODS.
If you've never been there, you MUST go...a HOT SPOT in Marin County...and well worth it.
A & M, CHEERS to you BOTH and until the 3rd...

And one of the Favorites is...

this one from the Astor & Black shoot a couple of weeks ago.
Pretty exciting! 


Being a part of a FASHION SHOOT...

Last Friday I had the very unique opportunity of being a part of the 
Astor & Black photo shoot for GQ Magazine.  
My friend Nisreen(the lovely wife of the very handsome model Christian sporting the Astor & Black suits in the pictures below) passed my name along to 
Klynt Hay(www.klyntphoto.com) 
to help him throughout our day.  Klynt is an insanely talented self taught NYC Fashion Photographer with years of experience both in front of and behind the camera.  In fact, he and Christian used to model together all over Europe. Lucky guys right? Regardless, Klynt taught me a ton about Fashion Shoots and Lighting.
I am beyond grateful for your expertise.    

This leads me into writing about another talented photographer, Miss 
Moanalani Jeffrey
She did a behind the scenes exclusive for the SF Examiner and is hands down the most fabulously dressed photographer I have ever seen.  Love the Dress, Love the Shoes, Love it all!  Please go to this link to see the entire feature and all of Miss M's fantastic pictures from the entire day!  Note:  all images below in this post are courtesy of Moanalani Jeffrey.


I hope to work with with you all again! 
it's a day I'll never forget! 

Note:  all images in this post are courtesy of Moanalani Jeffrey.


there's a baby BOOM happening...

and I like it! Congrats to all you new parents out there. Enjoy your little ones.


a very HAPPY birthday.

what a special shoot this was a few weeks ago...
Grandma R planned a fun day in the city to celebrate her birthday with her adorable family.
Not only did she get the cutest personalized sweaters for all of the kiddos, she brought matching hula hoops and tons of fun toys for everyone too! THANK YOU! 
Happy Birthday to you and hugs to your family too.
Hope you love your pics because I sure do! 


A Weekend in the Windy City.

I just got back from Chicago.
My cousin PJ married the beautiful
It was a fabulous weekend for the most fabulous of couples.
Hope you 2 are having a fun and relaxing time in Tahiti.
CHEERS to...
Mr.& Mrs. Doyle! 
Love you both!