Destination Wedding Duo.

Sophie of Painted Ladies & I are lucky enough to travel together as a 
Destination Wedding Duo.  
She takes care of all of the make up & hair and you can see all of her work HERE.
This photo is from our trip down to Cabo for 
Kris & Leah's Wedding.
So awesome, what a week.
Loved everything about it.


Finally updating my new wedding site and going through tons of awesome pics...
a favorite, very fun and unique moment from Kris & Leah's wedding down in Cabo last year...
meet the can crushing donkey Lola.  Lola even put that crushed can in the cactus when she was done with it...
I'm still looking for that pic.
Stay tuned.
Found them last night.


Now a Family of Five.

Love this family, just 9 days ago they welcomed their third.
Big Sister and Big Brother could not have been cuter with their new little bro.


High Surf.

A friend of ours over here took us out to the North Shore of Maui yesterday.  
High surf and a unique experience from his boat.
Great way to kick start 2013.