Picking a Palette

for your HOLIDAY CARDS(yes, it's that time)
is one of my favorite things to do.
My girlfriend called me up today for some ideas and I thought 
PINK,  YELLOW & BLACK could be the perfect way to
kick it up a notch this year. 

Amy & Dave Married | Bay Area Wedding Photographer

One frame from Amy & Dave's Wedding at the 
Many frames to come :)


Mixing up the Headshots

and trying to stay away from the norm by 
utilizing the MANY cool spots in SF.


C & K Married | The Mountain Terrace | Bay Area Wedding Photographer

One frame from Colleen & Kevin's wedding a few weeks ago at 
Colleen & her gals are so fun, fabulous and beautiful.
LOVED everything about their wedding and will definitely be sharing some more...soon :)
Happy Friday All.


Brittany & Nick Married | Bay Area Wedding Photographer

a peak from Brittany & Nick's wedding at the 
Clos LaChance Winery.
I love this photo because we were taking a break as the bridal party left, I was fiddling around with my lenses, and then looked over my shoulder to see B & N sealing their marriage with a little smooch and a perfect sunburst between their faces-I really don't think the sun could have been in a more perfect spot(especially without blinding me as I secretly snapped away).  Love this one as is.


Photobooth Inspiration

Huge fan of the Photobooth at just about any wedding.
Huge fan of making the photobooth at weddings I am shooting.
Really fun pulling together inspiration boards to make the vision a reality.  This one is a starting point for a very special upcoming wedding.


Congrats Paola & Mark.

These customizable prints are now a part 
of all of my wedding packages.  


Taking the Scenic Route in North Beach | Bay Area Family Photographer

North Beach is one of my favorite spots to take families and I am so happy when people are ready to venture out into urbanland-San Francisco has so many colorful walls & textures to take advantage of.  
To the A Family, I LOVED our shoot and LOVED meeting all 3(almost 4) of you.  Hope you are enjoying your summer and can't wait to hear about the arrival of Baby #2.
Cheers, Lindsey


A Derby 1st.

Another Lindsey and friend of mine, 
hosted a fun for adults and fun for kids 
Kentucky Derby & 1st Birthday Party this Spring.
While the adults could feast on BBQ pork sandos and a choice of a Hawken Julep, Margarita, 
Mojito, or Bud Light,
the kids had plenty of fun with cupcakes and milk. 
It is no surprise to me that Lindsey threw a fabulous party with fun & colorful decor.  She has beautiful taste in all that she does.  Now I'm already looking forward to finding my large and in charge Derby hat for next year.


Happy Birthday Bro.

A just for fun post...crafting again...
made a welcome to the 30's gift for my little bro.
Fun play on words.
The good thing...the 30's are great.



It's always a good thing for me to practice what I preach:)
Last week Adriana(friend, wingwoman photographer, & fellow mom) & I decided to swap photos for each other.  We both wanted some photos with our kids! I have tons of my daughter with family & friends, but sadly very few with me.  So...I channeled the advice I give clients on what to wear for shoots...ran on over to JCREW and got inspired by their purple polish and orange notebook with a title perfect for a photo swap shoot :) It's definitely not as easy as it would seem to just pick out fun outfits, so it's nice to be inspired by a few fun colors and go from there.
I'll share the pics when they're ready! 


Customizable Photobooth Signs

I've been making these for a bunch of my weddings this summer - craft city in my household.
I am all about the booth, and for just about any festivity.
So much fun always, I think I am going to dedicate an entire gallery on my website to my summer photobooth pictures.  They are ALL TIME.