1 + 2 = 3

A & J, your baby BUMP pictures are FINALLY FINISHED!

Best wishes on the arrival of your little one!


a GREAT BIG hug...

to Baby J for being such a GOOD boy during his very first photo shoot.
ENJOY this little PREVIEW of what's to come!


ONE more for you MISS KATIE.

I could not RESIST posting ONE more picture of this LOVELY little LADY.
Happy weekend ALL.


MISS Katie.

THANK YOU for being such a GOOD little GAL last week!
You didn't make one PEEP the entire shoot!
You mark the official start to the FALL and HOLIDAY season.
Kirsten, I've got a few more to post for you...just wanted you to check this one out because I think it is just ADORABLE. xoxo


a WINK and a SMILE.

Karen & Greg, you are a BEAUTIFUL couple and I had so much FUN taking your pictures! Oh...and I can't forget PJ, probably one of the CUTEST pups I've seen...LOVE LOVE LOVE that he does not like hats or backpacks, pretty funny if you ask me. ENJOY what I like to call a small "APPETIZER" of pictures...many MORE to come very soon. Hope you had a very WONDERFUL rest of your LABOR DAY weekend.


all the BOYS.

These 3 little GUYS are the CUTEST(and my FAVS) and they had the best matching outfits I've seen in awhile. Max, Hudson, and Caden...THANK YOU for being so good throughout the shoot. Thank goodness we had those DUM DUMs!