It's time to MEET...

Baby T!
He was SNUG as a BUG in a RUG
inside of this orange vase.
Can you believe this?!? 
What a pleasure it was to meet this little guy and his very lovely family!
Until June...!

Mr. James...

is already 8 Months old!
He is such a HANDSOME little guy and I swear every kid in the park during our shoot wanted to hang out with him! 
Cheers to you my friend...see you 


"Giggles,curls,ribbons and bows...
She is so adorable from head to toe."
Love you Miss A! 
You are a beautiful little lady.
Momma N, so good to see you.
Auntie R, cutest outfit ever.
I want one in my size.


Save the Date...

for M & J's Fall Wedding 2010! 
Their engagement shoot officially marks the start of WEDDING FUN.
From a secret alley in North Beach...to a photo op in front of a COOL italiano cafe...through Washington Square Park...all the way to Chrissy Field...even to Fort Point and back again...
M & J were up for just about any of my ideas for the day...the sun came out(thank goodness!) just in time for our shoot and we had the city streets to ourselves....well, for the most part at least!
You two ROCK and I can't wait to shoot your wedding.
Thank you thank you for the opportunity...it's going to be a BEAUTIFUL day...
I can't wait!
In the spirit of one of the cards we used for the shoot....
"Here's to the Bride and Groom."
Happy Friday, Happy Weekend.


A little BOY is on his way.

And Mommy & Daddy couldn't be more
I LOVE this couple and cannot wait to meet their little guy...!!!
We had such a FUN shoot a couple of weeks ago even with this crazy weather acting up...
a HUGE thank you to Grandma for running across the lumpy field to save our cute
I had to put a picture of Grandma saving the day!
TOO FUNNY and in all honesty, AWESOME! 
See you soon! 
PS. To my Blogger Followers...I am finally catching up on my posts! Much more fun stuff to come, it's been a BUSY past couple of weeks! 


thank you.

G & M
for having me be a part of your day.
I LOVED every second of it!
CHEERS to you both Mr. & Mrs. S!

Happy 6 Month Birthday 
I really can't believe you are halfway to being 1.


More BABY C...

I'm wrapping up editing on Mr. C's pics...and I had to post a few more.
He was so GOOD and we got lots and lots of LOOKS.
Check out these 3:



I had such a FUN shoot today with the most ADORABLE couple awaiting the arrival of their little boy!  I am so HAPPY to be able to capture this time in their lives.  Today was supposed to be sunny...but of course it got cloudy, then windy, and then a little rainy...however, the rain did NOT rain on our parade!...We still had a blast and I LOVE the pics from our session!  Soon-to-be Grandma was a major team player and ran after our blue balloons as the wind took them across Chrissy Field. THANK YOU THANK YOU!  Grandma also took some pics of me in action, and I thought some of you would get a kick out of me diving on the grass and sporting some cute and equally dworky rain boots!