Yesterday morning we woke up before the sun and went with our buddy Sean to witness JAWS by his boat.  
Incredible and unforgettable.
A buddy of mine just let me know that this day was different and historic at Jaws as it was an all paddle, no tow day for all surfers-
an article and more pics on Surfline HERE.
Our view as we approached:
Our boat hovered beside in a safe channel...most of the time:)
If you look closely at the top of the wave above, you can see a guy's board flying in the air, it's a faint yellow.
The spray from the waves was everywhere...that's why some of the pics are a little cloudly looking:)
When we first arrived, we noticed a bunch of the tow guys waiting for the non-tow guys to finish up...we found out later there was a 50K best wave contest for the paddle guys, well, we did see some gals out there too:)
Above:  see the photog, I want his job:)
They were everywhere.  
Also note, it's really hard to keep your camera steady out in that water.  I almost flew in a few times.
Sean took us behind the line up to the other side for different angles.
Above:  riding behind the waves.
Going for the 50K.
Walls of water.
Guy just making it over wall of water.
The safety tow guys.
Getting ready.
Above:  for a split second we thought it could be a cool photo op to have my brother and I hop on these boards right by the boat in the safe channel of course...
until we realized it was virtually impossible to even stand there holding it for more than 10 seconds with the boat going back and forth.
I was holding onto that thing for dear life.
Taking a wave break, enjoying the moment and view.
I'll be posting a bunch of my brother's pics one of these days.
For now here is a video he took: